The holiday seasons are meant to be the most joyous time of the year. Sadly, due to the enormous financial resources required for the holidays, especially the costly Passover Holiday, hunger and worry become the constant companions for thousands of needy families, thereby turning each holiday into a time of unbearable pain and anguish. Yad Ezrah responds to these families' dire plight through an expansive project that takes place each year before Passover. Enormous quantities of food products are purchased and then transferred to thirteen different distribution sites throughout Israel. Each year, approximately 7,000 needy families receive Passover provisions from Yad Ezrah in order to meet the special Passover needs. Before the distribution, massive quantities of food items are stored in a prefabricated tent, and an entire street is closed off to serve as a distribution and storage center. The provisions distributed include chickens, fish, wine, oil, sugar, Matzoh Meal, coffee, eggs,
fruits, vegetables and more.

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