The Yad Ezrah Organization in Israel runs a variety of humanitarian projects, which provide vital aid for over one hundred thousand needy Jews annually, throughout the country.

Yad Ezrah is true to its name, and is literally and figuratively a 'helping hand' to many. Founded in 1950 by the saintly Reb Asher Freund zt"l (1910-2003), Yad Ezrah has become an oasis in the desert of poverty, and literally quenches the thirst of many destitute families.

Reb Asher's life philosophy, steeped in a deep-seated faith in the Creator, translated itself into unparalleled humanitarianisms. He was famous for his legendary compassion for each and every Jew. He infused his heart and soul in the very fiber of the organization. Through Reb Asher's path of faith, he provided an open heart and sincere friendship to the needy and mentally deprived. His vision was to offer as many 'helping hands' to as many needy hands as possible. He infused his benevolent spirit into the life and breath of the Yad Ezrah network.

In his will, he requests that his life's project continue, " leave some sort of framework to the acts of kindness that I initiated, and to be a miniature sanctuary in which to live our path of faith. If truth and faith shall be a guiding light for all those who exert themselves for the public for the sake of Heaven... then surely we will merit the redemption."

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